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Here are some of the projects we have been working on....

Major Grid Technology Provider

Worked with a major grid technology provider to assess the smart grid marketplace in relation to their current and future technology placement.

National Laboratory

Working with a multi-company team and group of utilities to evaluate the possibilities and potential roles of a distributed clean coal role in a smart grid environment.

Startup Smart Grid Technology Provider

Worked with new venture technology firm to develop the go-to-market strategy for electric utility application of their secure, private wireless, broadband communications solution.

Electric Research Collaborative

Worked with a team of industry experts to develop a value assessment methodology for electric substation intelligence.

State Consumers Advocate

Worked with a state government consumer advocacy organization to evaluate utility advanced metering and smart grid resource planning. Developed an improved go-forward strategy for the utility and state.

West Virginia Smart Grid Implementation Plan

Starting July 2008 President of Horizon Energy Group Steve Pullins leads the team that will conduct and in-depth review of the potential benefits to West Virginia of modernizing the state's electricity transmission and distribution grid. As a result of this project a Smart Grid Implementation plan will be developed to help guide utilities, policy-makers and regulators through the Smart Grid transition.

Northwestern Investor-Owned Utility

Horizon Energy staff have worked arm-in-arm with the senior technical staff at a major utility in the Northwest to assess the business case for deploying a smart grid strategy in support of the utility's efforts to determine if a "Green Utility" future makes sense. The results show that achieving a high penetration of renewable energy resources is dependent upon the sophistication of the electric network, commonly referred to as the Grid.

Middle East Power Venture Client

Horizon Energy staff have been working with a Middle East client to develop a longterm strategy to develop independent power production in the Middle East to address the 8% annual growth in electricity demand.

Middle East Engineering and Construction Client

Horizon Energy staff have been supporting the development of a country-wide environmental controls strategy for power plants in the Middle East.

Japanese Energy Firm

Horizon Energy staff consulting on power generation performance issues and improvement strategies.

Central US Investor-Owned Utility

Horizon Energy staff consulting on generation, transmission, and distribution strategies supporting the future vision of the utility.

DOE/NETL Modern Grid Strategy

Horizon Energy staff key participation on a national team to develop the collection vision for the Modern Grid. This includes developing the key success factors, prinicpal characteristics of the Modern Grid, strategy for accomplishment, and stakeholder involvement. This initiative is hosted by the National Energy Technology Laboratory for the US DOE and Congress.



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